Monday, August 30, 2010

in praise of local

"Thunderstorm sunset from the porch"

Autumn is quickly approaching in the high country of the southern Rockies.  The cool mornings remind me how important it is to get out with my camera and shoot. Despite the fact that many of the photographs to receive the most attention over the years portray famous people, places, and events,  I write today in praise of local - our own surroundings.  Whether rural or urban, they provide infinite possibilities for almost every genre of photography. Architecture, nature, landscape, portrait, sports, weddings and details of all of these are there for the taking.  And the convenience can't be beat.  Even if our days our fraught with myriad constraints and frustrations, there is generally a time slot available for shooting.  Since the photography will be done in our own surroundings, we don't even need to get into a vehicle to do it.  At work during lunch, at home, at the gym.  Shoot down, shoot up, shoot sideways.  Photograph yourself, your children, your co-workers, your office, your home, the garden, food, the sky, the stars.
"Double rainbow"

As a photographer, I try to do these things, not always successfully.  But as a fellow photographer, artist, and sculptor Sam Taylor once told me "To be a true artist, you have to do your art every single day."  He was a great believer, as I am, in the process of photography.  The joys and anxiety of it will make your art better.  Being in the right place at the right time doesn't hurt either.

more thoughts soon, no doubt...

a passion for the image