Monday, July 21, 2014

fleeting beauty

Every time we watched the news this week, our hearts sank.  It would be easy to use this blog as a political forum, and at times like these, it seems that would be a more significant and helpful use of cyber space.  The last thing I want to do is be a purveyor of fluff.  But perhaps there is also a desire for beauty, however fleeting.  Thus, the day's blog features beauty that presented itself during the past few days.

I could say the dog ate my homework and that is why the blog is a bit late this morning.  But in actuality, I was chasing the most perfect specimen of swallowtail butterfly I have ever seen around the garden.  Flying from one flower to another, the swallowtail made it challenging for me to photograph the full wing span using my 70-200 mm lens.

With the recent rains, the cushion cacti have exploded into bloom on the mesa.  The blooms only last  a day and I found I had to train my eyes to look across the landscape to see them.  They are everywhere.

In bright sunshine, the blooms are almost like fuchsia on fire.

May every single person on our fragile and endangered planet be able to catch a bit of beauty this week, fleeting or otherwise.

until next Monday,


a passion for the image


  1. This is a particularly strong post, Daryl, both in imagery and philosophy. That butterfly was certainly worth the chase and we're all glad that you trained your eye to see the cushion cacti in bloom.

  2. I love the vertical of the butterfly, great shot. I'll have to go looking for the cacti, love that color.

  3. Good to get both your comments, Steve and Terry. Many thanks! The rain has given the state a shot in the arm and I am loving it.