Sunday, August 3, 2014

the yellow season

The second clutch of Say's phoebes have fledged and are busy bulking up for their flight south, the hummingbird numbers peaked at 315 this year, and a group of at least one hundred nighthawks circled, gathering insects before an approaching storm.  It was a week of subtle but noticeable changes in the weather.  Yellow began to dot the landscape, in the form of both cultivated flowers and native plants, and I want to share some of the lovely shades with you.

When I was photographing the day lilies, I realized that the inside structure looks decidedly like some of the sandstone slot canyons of the west.  Perhaps a stretch of my imagination but fascinating.

Strange that I never noticed the crenulation of three of the petals prior to this year.  That happens when you pull out the camera and really look.

Growing along the highways of northern New Mexico is a wide variety of wildflowers at this point, including the sunflower.  I love this particular tangle accompanied by some sky drama.

The group below seemed particularly friendly.

until next Monday,


a passion for the image


  1. Once again you've demonstrated your passion and prowess for florals. I like that you've gotten up close and personal but really love "the tangle accompanied by some sky drama." That's a fabulous composition and is perfect for the horizontal presentation.

  2. Thanks so much, Steve, for your comments. I am glad you liked the tangle, since I seem to gravitate to those types of compositions. Hope you find some tangles of interest along the byways you travel with camera in hand.